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Who, What and Where we Really Are, According to Archangel Metatron:- The Supreme Angel of Death

I am fortunate to be partnered with a wife, Jill, who is an
Avatara:- a person chosen by the Godhead, to deliver
messages for the benefit of mankind. The way this is done
for most 'true' psychic mediums, is by telepathy, however,
an Avatar, or Avatara (female), has the ability to allow
spirit to take over their body and speak through them, with
their own personality, not that of the medium.

On this occasion, Archangel Metatron was channelling
through Jill, with a very important message for us.

He started by saying, "Perhaps we should begin with
teaching others the basics of who, what and where you
really are."

In the beginning, the one conscious energy, as in the
Bible, created light. Those light shards are what is termed
the 'soul'. So in reality, you are light. Your thoughts,
feelings and experiences collectively help to create the
atmosphere and world you live in today. Which is why, to
your every action, there is a reaction, but not just in a
singular way. For your actions also have an impact on the
collective dimension, therefore this will affect people and
the environment you believe to be thousands of miles away
from you.

He went on to say that, to understand this, we must look at
what you term as time. Time is not linear. It cannot be
truly measured from one point to another horizontally. Time
to us, is non-existent. All things are relative, if instead
of time, you consider dimensions. A table may appear solid,
but it's energy. It's light. It vibrates at a certain
speed. In another dimension, this could appear as a liquid
mass floating in a particular area of space.

If you could create a hologram of yourself, we could look
at time in a different view. You'd be able to see below
your feet was the past, whilst still remaining in the
present; and also by altering your view and looking upward,
you'd be able to look at what yet has to come, if you
continue with your current actions. This is why, as
light-bearers of the one conscious thought, we can appear
to many people simultaneously.

By looking at life, or time: which ever you prefer, you
would also see that your actions would very much still
affect the past and the future, for they are one and the
same. Your past, you must remember, is like the table; it
isn't solid. It only 'appears' to be gone. This will be a
hard concept to learn for many, but we hope that with more
time, the reality of what we say will become A New Belief
for all to learn from and understand.

You will see that it is the conscious thought that changes
and impacts your environment. Try to think of yourself as
light. If you use logic to analyse what is given here, you
will not learn, so use your creative energy, your
God-energy to try to understand.

You may feel it is impossible to change the past, but you
can bring back the past, or repeat the past in order to
change the direction of your life and that of others,
through your actions and deeds now. This is why you have
memories, to help you descend back into time and relive
those moments, to change your present and future.

It was at this point that Jill started a two-way
conversation with Metatron.

Jill: So without time, we have no past or future?

Metatron: That is correct to some extent. You are light, so
look at how much light you can spread now. Your whole
essence of how brightly you shine is down to how you feel.
Your feelings or thoughts, if you wish, will draw to you
what you believe to be true.

To understand dimensions better; if thought becomes
reality, then there are no laws or limitations on what can
be achieved. It is only the belief that imprisons one's
ability. Let us say that in the first dimension you were a
flower, and in the second dimension you were a caterpillar,
and in the third dimension a human being. If you had to
return back to the first dimension, you would only have the
thought or idea of what it was like to be human. You would
have no point of reference on which to share with other
plants what you actually experienced.

You can never destroy a thought, once it has been thought.
It is there, no matter what.

Metatron went on to explain that humans refuse to believe
that they have the ability to visit other dimensions. You
only see yourself as the physical body. If you take away
your laws and limitations, you can go anywhere, be anything
and do anything. You don't need a space machine to do this.

The One Conscious Mind; Energy; God; is an intelligent
energy that is able to absorb feelings, and create from
those feelings. The one true source of this energy is love.
The feeling of love creates light.

Once you understand these spiritual foundations of who you
really are, it will help you to see that your reality holds
no bounds except those you place on yourself.

There are many people who will refuse to acknowledge that
what Metatron says here, is the one truth, but hopefully
you will see the resemblance to what is given, and to those
whose life is placed and lived through the words of the
Bible... "Let there be light. And there was light."

When Metatron left us this day, he left us with this
expression, "Blessings of love and light are placed upon
you. May you continue to shine your light as a beacon for
those who are lost to negativity, to enable them to find
you and us."

Glenn Harrison is an ANGEL MESSENGER. He was contacted by
The ANGEL OF DEATH: Archangel Azrael, in 2005; and later,
recorded messages from over 50 Archangels, Ascended Masters
and Light-Beings.
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