Monday, December 6, 2010

Edit Your Thoughts

Typing away on your computer you have no doubt had the
spell checker engage when you misspell a word. That handy
red line appears under the word that is identified with an
incorrect spelling. Most of these programs even give you a
list of possible correct spellings for that particular word.

I know when I type an article, it is important to me to
have all the words spelled correctly. So I appreciate the
spell checker feature. For me, it is a very helpful tool
in editing what I write.

Of course, when it comes to speaking, most of the time we
do not have a grammar checker in our brain. Many of us use
incorrect grammar when we talk. But for the most part, we
all seem to get by and understand each other.

But what about editing your thoughts? We all have
thousands of thoughts pop in our heads every single day.
Do we need to edit those? Is that something that needs to
concern us?

The answer to that question depends upon whether or not you
believe that your thoughts affect your life. The Bible is
very clear about the effect your thoughts have on your
life. Self help and motivational speakers as well as
teachers have been talking about it for a very long time.

The Bible says that we ought to guard our heart with all
diligence because from it are the issues of life; our life.
It also states that out of the abundance of the heart the
mouth speaks. And of course, the verse that has been
referred to for centuries: as one thinks in his own heart,
so is he.

Perhaps you have heard a self help or motivational speaker
talk about how our thoughts determine our lives. Maybe you
have read something similar in a book. It has been said by
countless people for many, many years that you can change
your circumstances by first changing your thoughts.

If all that is true, then I say we do indeed need a
"thought checker." We need to recognize if something we
are thinking about is not productive. We really do need to
edit our thinking.

How do we do that? It's really quite simple, but it does
take a little effort. But, the effort is well worth it.

First we need to make a decision to monitor our thoughts.
We need to take note of what we are thinking. The best
place to start is with your thoughts about yourself.

Each and every thought you have about yourself must be
monitored and evaluated. You can decide to either allow
that thought to stay, or determine that it needs to go. If
it needs to go, then you toss it out of your mind and
replace it with something that is profitable and beneficial
to your life.

For example, you may be thinking about how you can't
possibly expect to be financially successful. You may have
all kinds of reasons and experiences to back up that kind
of thinking. And so, you accept the thinking that you are
one of those persons who just needs to settle.

That is in fact destructive thinking. When you recognize
that kind of thinking, you need to stop right then and
there and simply say, "No!" Refuse to accept that kind of
thinking, and throw those thoughts out the window.

Next, replace those thoughts with positive, encouraging
thoughts. Stop allowing your experiences, or the odds, or
your present circumstances to dictate how the rest of your
life is to be. As one thinks in his heart, so is he.

The Bible is full of God's promises of success. He wants
you to be happy and blessed in all that you do. But He
will not get inside of your brain and change your thinking;
that is something that you must do.

People in every walk of life who are successful do not have
a lousy opinion of themselves. They do not think that they
can't achieve, rather they think and believe that they can.
They actually see themselves achieving the things that
they desire.

It all starts with deciding which thoughts you want to
entertain and keep. Your thoughts, like a rudder on a
great ship will set the direction and course for your life.
Change and adjust the rudder by tossing out destructive
thoughts, then replace them with productive thoughts.

You can change your life today, one thought at a time.

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