Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let Go

Copyright (c) 2011 Scott F Paradis

Jesus implores, "Oh weak in faith, stop worrying. Your
heavenly Father knows what you need." God's plan works. How
has your plan been going so far?

Align yourself with God's plan. The challenge is to not
automatically fall victim to the wiles of this world and
the deceit of ego. Listen for the still small voice within.
By rejecting ego you open yourself to the Holy Spirit, to
the divine plan. Let go of the weights that hold you back
and journey once more, free.

Listen, plan, act, but do not attach yourself to outcomes.
Let go of the outcome. Detach yourself from the details.
Anxiety over outcomes is the realm of ego. Ego, always
seeking to control, shackles you to events past. If the
circumstances you encounter involve the acquisition of
power, beware the influence of ego. Ego's main tools are
arrogance and fear. Let go — don't intend to dominate
others nor succumb to fear.

On this spinning globe, inhabited by some six and a half
billion souls, realize in truth there is only you. The
masses are here to help you achieve your purpose, your
destiny. Everyone is here for you - not to make your
journey comfortable or easy or simple but to add dimension
to your quest. Your task is to discover your inner
strength, your true genius, your special character and
transcendent and enduring nature. You are spirit on an
earthly journey finding your way home.

While society could be running smoothly like water blending
together in a stream, often instead people act like rocks
banging and grinding and scraping along. When you encounter
friction realize your vision is not yet clear, your
thinking not yet pure. Friction is a measure of resistance
- don't be party to it. Learn to act like water, be the
fluid of life and accept that though you encounter rocks,
these are not obstacles to confront but rather rough edges
to polish.

Let go of any anchor. An anchor only draws you to new
depths. Let go of the illusion of fixing yourself in time
and space; this world is in constant motion; clinging leads
to regret. Like grasping an object in a jar, by your grip
you trap yourself. Only by releasing hold will you gain
freedom. Choose freedom over bondage, release your grip - a
new adventure will unfold.

Release blame, fear, and guilt - let go. What you cling to
holds you back. The truth surrounds you. You are immersed
in light - open your eyes. As if submerged in water; you
breathe God, feel God, experience God, yet still ego seeks
to convince you that God does not exist. Ego falsely
directs you to choose a lonely, pain-filled path.

Lift the veil of the illusion to reveal that you are home,
now, in the arms of God, enfolded in love. Accept this

Let go of fabricated faults, perceived injustices and
self-imposed obstacles. You are not meant to lay up an
earthly treasure, nor worry about the cares of this life.
Let go of ego. Rather seek first the way of truth, the path
of freedom, and all riches will be yours besides.

Scott F. Paradis, author of "Promise and Potential: A Life
of Wisdom, Courage, Strength and Will"

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