Friday, November 19, 2010

Haven't Found Your Purpose? Choose Again And Persevere

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis

In both the grand design and in the unremarkable minutiae
of everyday existence — purpose unfolds. As obscure
and insignificant as the shards of meaning may seem their
function is to guide you to your destiny. The impediment
to realizing your true purpose is as the distance from
fragile form to pure elation. The chasm from what is, to
what could be, is the width and breadth of that aspect of
yourself known as ego.

Ego contends you are separate from all that is - separate
from things, separate from other people - separate from
God. Ego is the nature of your being anchored firmly in
the material world. To survive in what appears a
threatening landscape ego seeks power and covets control.
Ego demands to be noticed and intends to dominate.

Human beings live life in a dualistic nature - the mystery
of it all an apparent paradox. Puppets on a string, lost
in the world of form, directed by the intentions of ego, we
live amongst shadows. Vainly we interpret reflections on a
wall. Reluctant to embrace the realization that life is
more than it seems, we yield to fear and hide from the
light of revelation. In this brick and mortar creation we
lack understanding and grovel at the indulgences of ego.
We compete to succeed, compete to survive.

The truth is, you need not live this way. While
experiencing this reality of polar opposites you can seize
upon the truth. While you are in this world, you are not
of this world. You do not have to succumb to the will and
fear of ego. Your nature is divine. While in this
creation you maintain the capacity to shape your
experience. You are creator. And as creator you can
choose how to navigate the passage, how to fulfill your
destiny. You have a choice.

Will is the point of decision, the synapse of choice. Will
is the element of character that merges feelings, yearnings
(wants, needs, desires) with viable options, and chooses.
Each choice is either guided in harmony with life's purpose
or influenced by a scheming, power-hungry ego. Every
choice is an opportunity to select wisely in concert with
the grand design or an ego-grounded pick doomed to lead
through suffering to a similar point of decision once again.

Life has meaning. Your life has meaning. You have a
purpose, a purpose to fulfill - a mission to achieve.
Fulfill your purpose. Achieve your mission. Meet your
destiny with playful abandon. If you haven't yet found
your purpose choose again and persevere. Unbounded
opportunity and great experiences await.

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