Thursday, April 19, 2007

Atheism at Its Worst

Atheism at Its Worst

I Peter 2:20 tells us "…but if, when ye do well, and suffer for it, ye take it patiently, this is acceptable with God"

Christianity has always been under fire from the world and Satan. Being a Christian associates us with Jesus Christ. Jesus warned us that the world would hate us because it first hated him. His message, even the gospel that we are to deliver to the world, offends the sinner. It does not coddle. It is not politically correct. It stirs up the soul as only the God who created that soul can. Since we are Christ's ambassadors and the bearers of God's message, it should come as no surprise to us then that the world hates us.

Not too many years ago, I listened to a self-professed atheist on television say that Christians had no social value; that we did not contribute positively to society. This was most disturbing to me. It is one thing to be hated by the world for who we are and the message we preach, but to be unfairly and unjustly accused of being social slackers is quite egregious.

Even an elementary review of history will reveal that where immorality, poverty and political injustice reared their ugly heads, Christianity was the first to stand up to wage war against it. More charities have been established under the banner of Christianity than all others combined.

No one showed more compassion to the downtrodden and poor than the Lord Jesus himself. When the worldly publicans and sects turned their noses on the so-called lower class, Jesus sat and communed with them. He fed them and met their needs. His instructions to those who would stand in his stead after his ascension included the admonishment to show compassion to those in need and to be socially responsible. One need only read what we call the beatitudes to understand this.

Throughout the ages, his disciples have kept this charge. Multitudes of Christians have faithfully helped the downtrodden behind the scenes in their respective communities, while some have been used publicly by the Lord to positively impact in greater ways. For example, William Wilberforce, who fought vehemently against slavery in the 18th century; and George Mueller, who established orphanages in England to help the children that society rejected.

The people who name Christ as their Lord and Savior have not only contributed to society, but often have taken the lead and stood alone to fight for social justice and equality. They view each individual, regardless of any social factors, as being precious to the Lord Jesus Christ and therefore of great worth.

Conversely, where atheism rules a nation and God is disallowed, injustice and human atrocities occur. In a godless environment indignities are perpetrated upon the lower class and they are kept in a downtrodden state. Ungodliness prevails in societies governed by godless people, because there is no fear of a Holy God.

That an atheist would try to portray society-minded Christians in such a bad light is simply outrageous. It only shows how very dark her world is without God. That notwithstanding, we are told that to be acceptable with God, we are to suffer patiently when our well-doing is called into question.

Christian, be strong. Let those who rail on you unjustly answer to God, for he is the avenger. You keep on for the Lord. Though society's cold wind blows across your path, though you are treated unfairly, though the whole world convene against you, keep on for the Lord for this is acceptable with him and he is the only one you need to please.


The author is a retired Coast Guard Officer with over 32 years of service. He is also a Baptist Preacher and Bible Teacher. He helps those grieving the loss of a pet to understand the Biblical evidence that proves they live on. His most popular book, "Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates" delivers hope and comfort to the reader in a very gentle, yet convincing way. Visit at for more information and tips.

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