Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fear Not!

Fear Not! by Michael A. Verdicchio

Copyright 2006 Michael A. Verdicchio

Modern psychology seems to suggest that living with fears is normal. Some popular phrases today include, "accepting your fears," "managing your fears," "embracing your fears," or "coping with your fears." But is that really the way the Creator intended us to live - with fear?

There are countless people today trying to accept their fears. They are doing everything they can to manage their fears. They are unclear on exactly how to embrace and cope with their fears.

There are many facets and aspects of fear; one of the biggest is being fearful of what others think of you. People do things, say things, and even buy things because of their fear of what others might think.

They join clubs or organizations because they are afraid that if they don't, others might think badly of them. They say things and talk a certain way because they are afraid they might not say the right thing in front of the right people. They purchase items because of a fear of not measuring up to those around them. The fear never ends.

You don't have to live with those kinds of fears.

Fear will always limit you and keep you from being the person you really want to be. Fear is destructive and it ruins lives. Learning to live with your fears is not the answer. Ignoring your fears is not the answer. Getting rid of your fears is the answer and it is available.

If it is "normal" to live with fear, then why is that not clearly spelled out to us in the Bible? In fact, just the opposite is true. Many times on the pages of Scripture you will find the phrase, "Fear not." If it is normal to accept your fears, why would the Bible instruct us to be abnormal by telling us to "fear not?" That certainly does not make any sense, if it is indeed normal to live with your fears.

Why does the Bible say, "I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears?" If it were God's intention for us to embrace our fears, why doesn't it instead say, "I sought the Lord and He helped me to embrace and accept all my fears?" If the intention of the Creator was that it be completely normal to live with your fears, why would He promise to deliver you from all of them?

God never intended for His people to be defeated and full of fear. He desires just the opposite: that we live a fulfilled life, an abundant life. He wishes above all things that we prosper and be in health.

Quite the contrary to living with your fears, and accepting your fears, the Bible says that fear has torment. Fear is your enemy. Someone once described fear as "sand in the machinery of life." Fear doesn't help; it hinders. Fear doesn't get us through an open door; it keeps us in the hallway. Fear never helps you put your best foot forward; it just keeps both feet in cement.

So many Christians are living needlessly with fears - all sorts of fears. God can deliver you of any and every fear, even your deepest, darkest ones.

Jesus told a man, whose daughter had just died, "Fear not, only believe!" The man refused to fear, and believed, and his daughter was raised back to life! Why did Jesus tell him, "Fear not?" It was because fear will always keep you from believing and accepting the promises of God. When you believe the promises of God, you will see them come to pass in your life.

Think about it - if it’s normal to have fears, and you have no fears, you would be abnormal, right? Why would God want you to be abnormal?

He doesn’t. He truly desires for you to be set free from all your fears.

Are you tired of living with fear? God can deliver you! Ask Him to help you and deliver you from all your fears.

Michael A. Verdicchio is a husband, father, minister, and broadcaster. He has been the voice on numerous productions over the years. Michael is the author and producer of "Inspirational Pep Talks", available at http://www.InspirationalPepTalks.com
He is also the author of the book, "Healing from God is Available". He has produced other motivation and inspirational items, including the audio CD, "Healing Words", available at http://www.ChristianInspirationalGifts.com . He is the voice for the current series, "Stories for Joshua."

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